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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  March 23, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the weekend. >> all right. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great friday, everybody. >> make sure you get your captioned by the national captioning institute news begin with breaking in kensington. >> a police chase and in a fiery crash. they killed two people. officers have been pursuing a stolen car. it slammed into a tree. it burst into flames. say the driver. we have a correct the scene. report in thee next hour. news will come much more in a moment. first check on it traffic and weather.
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here is adam caskey. >> we are here in the weather center. we are talking about saw this morning. there will not be as thick as saw this morning. let's get the dense fog advisory. if those northridge to pennsylvania. e the fog is the guest. it was nice to see the stars in work this morning. 59 in gaithersburg. 61 in the district. quantico is 64. we will burn through the fog pretty quickly. about nine are 10:00 a.m. we have total sunshine. widespread areas of rain. temperatures dropping down to the mid-60's. we will go into tuesday next week.
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>> we will go to a picture of connecticut ave. this is shut down because of the accident that natasha and steve burgess referencing. southbound connecticut avenue remains close. more details.the there was an overnight crash. lanes forced to exit. this shutdown as they take pictures and measurements of an accident. that tune news. >> a developing story with the manch continues for a attacking a realtor the job.on >> share is checking out her entered andn a man sexually assaulting a terror.
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we have more. >> it is shocking. it makes you want to stay in the house. but a realtor in tb and .eahouse -- a realtor in into the empty house. he sexually assaulted her. >> that is very serious they e home and walked talking to neighbors. east has been showing this insistent isner del. we're going to saturate the with officers and hand out fliers. he says on friday someone home and stop the electronics. he asserted no crime in the area. i have been here a couple of g else hasnothin happened. he is an african american male
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a sure herrick said. he was last seen wearing a navy blue pants and tennis sneakers. a sexual investigating assault. a woman was attacked after an herd suspect entered apartment. the person was wearing dark clothing. are asking anybody with contact them. then spray will releases budget this morning. they will brief the city plan.l on the spending the man is looking to close a gap between expensive and expected revenues. opponents are covering birth control. hold rallies across the country. activists are requiring them to provide coverage for
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contraception, saying in violates religious freedom >> a ceremony held today to pay chivvied to congressional of honor recipients. , 82 are still alive. will receiveore the medal. a boy's got from arizona will american spirit award for his heroism. steam.nomy is picking up we may get more evidence. >> we are all feeling the payment at the pump. but it's a linda bell live up in newrg headquarters york. good morning. >> happy friday to you. people are feeling the pain of the gas pump. demandng to master car, for march 16 was more than 5.5%
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lower. a field analyst. s that there is the think in the market you demand will outweigh any of the factors pushing prices higher. americans from all corners of happy aboutare not gas prices.ise in to places the average price in d.c. stands at $4.90 a gallon. wall street is getting fresh on new home sales. forecasting sales to the highesty of more than a year. they say one thing helping out is the warmer sweeping the country. he is airways is getting more merger.about a l have the details and the next hour. live up bloomberg headquarters,
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and linda bell. >> thank you. 62 degrees. >> new developments with a u.s. killingaccused of afghan civilians. more on the charges being read to him today. >> we are rejoicing. >> local college students in the artin. trayvon m [ other merv ] welcome back to the cleaning games.
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>> happy friday. it is gun to be a best day today. a second look at the forecast. it is not nearly as dense as the couple of days. visibility is 5 miles. is pretty good considering the past few days. 61 degrees in washington. 64 in lexington park. temperatures are going to be off the races today. a short sleeves on this friday.
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we cannot rule out an isolated thunderstorm in the vicinity of winchester down toward fredericksburg. get in on theall rain. >> to 95 northbound all traffic close. down to the exit to howard road. give you the green light. connecticutound traffic forced to exit here. there is an accident bradleyation between lane in chevy chase circle. back to our maps. green light on 95.
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ofe man will be charge murder today. will present the were he is now confined. he faces 17 counts of murder plus assault. anis accused of killing citizensfghan including women and children. >> a cut of been our friend and little brother. could been a feature students. as the calls increased four rest of the unarmed teenager. yes evade the police chief is anyorarily step down was appointed. have more. cry continues in trayvon martin case. george is a man fatally shot the in florida last month.
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he told the police it was self- defense. thousands turned out of a rally his a rest period at miami high school, some lunchts walked out during and demanded justice. the city's police chief announced he is stepping down temporarily. my momentpparent that is over shuttling the process. >> the mood it means nothing. we wanted a conviction. >> the governor announced eightha state attorney. >> we do not know anything. one of his neighbors described way.his he had a passion for the safety of our neighborhoods. e personstrated that on make a difference. he was an average guy. >> eager up in this house.
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here's how one of his neighbors him.ibed very well behaved. not run around loose or anything. active ina full and the catholic church. -- they were faithful and active in the catholic church. they will hold a prayer vigil. be the big chair on luther king avenue in southeast washington. helda of rally will be in northwest d.c.. participants are asked to wear a cuddy. or houston died from that her death was accidental. indicated that heartte contributed to it. a said was found dead in bathtub and a beverly hills hotel. d.c. police are searching for
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person who stabbed a woman, killing the unborn baby boy. the suspect got to the woman's early yesterday morning and then attacked her. they heard the n was eight months pregnant crying for help. >> i ran upstairs. holding her stomach. the blood was starting from a stomach. she told police she was attacked. the guardian angels trying to help them. there have been three separate area onrecently in that game and and a chance gender women. in the area takes the fed tomorrow. is another sign of population
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growth. the area could will be used as numbers in the area served by them. 16 counties will be affected. >> it is 62 degrees. >> there's a new push to bring redskins back to d.c. what the mayor is proposing. this is coming up. >> a great shout out to the cherry blossoms. we will be right back. [ other merv ] welcome back to the cleaning games. let's get a recap, merv. [ merv ] thanks, other merv. mr. clean magic eraser extra power was three times faster on permanent marker. elsewhere against dirt, it was a sweep, with scuffed sports equipment... had it coming. grungy phones... oh! super dirty! and grimy car rims... wow! that really works! ...all taking losses. it looks like mr. clean has won everything. the cleaning games are finished?
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back.come checking traffic and weather. >> how have the ben? >> great. good to see you. the fog is not as thick as the couple of mornings. just some patchy fog. not as big of a dull as it has been. -- deal as it has been. to mr. wise, warm again. .- temperature wise, warm again the district. the 59 currently in winchester. on we could see an thunderstorm from winchester to culpeper. it is just a slight chance.
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otherwise mostly sunny. to mitscher's skyrocketing well above our average. it is below the record of 93. this is pretty much a wash out. minor improvements in still showers. near-60 byng tuesday. is the thought having an impact the can meet? >> not really. we have other issues to contend with. we have connecticut avenue bradley lane and chevy chase circle. we are taking you to the closure
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point. because they are documenting an accident that happened. we will give you the green light. it is pretty serene along 270. it it is good along 66. of the norm. now back inside. >> officials intensifying their bring the redskins back to the city. he talked about bringing the headquarters and training center into the city. is the area where the general hospital used to be. happy.yone is >> there's not a lot of economic development it will bring. closed facilities and barbed wires. >> one thing we would get is the the cityo move into taxes here.r income >> they are considering leaving. >> the great weather for the
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cherry blossom festival. the park service announced that there will be in a variety of trees. ohio drive. they're still standing there. more activities for families include the and international friendship merrill landscape for a japanese garden. >> we want to see photos of the beautiful trees. good to our web site the cherry blossom sendd to find that out to your pictures. e best one will win a cherry blossom festival prize pack. there sneezing along with everybody. >> you cannot win the contest. >> i know. >> the week and got off to an it starts for those who e men i story of games."
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made $130ated it million in ticket sales. some shows already sold out. ticket sales have already surpassed presell levels for first "twilight" films/ >> 62 degrees. >> learn how the maker of the toy at a sketch -- etch a
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to followntinue news in chevy chase, after a police chase ended in a fiery crash killing people. >> attacked on the job. prince george's county police hunting for the man accused of .exually assaulting a realtor >> are you fascinated with the royalty? update your reza make, because the queen has a job opening. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> glad you're with us on this friday morning. it's march 23. good morning, washington. i am steve cheveney. >> i am natasha barrett. first, meo


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